Matador is a fully integrated trading and financial accounting platform intended to comprehensively manage all operations of your brokerage firm’s daily workflow. This system is designed to efficiently handle the entire trading cycle from creating a new order to managing the general ledger. The Matador central database allows your brokerage company to define and administer your specific needs by offering a complete business management solution.


The front­end trading platform allows you to view and manipulate live market data in various custom screen configurations, including stock watch lists. From this market screen, you may create, modify, or delete new client orders. The flexible order‐entry module allows you to manipulate an array of fields, including:

  • Change commission levels at numerous points during the trading cycle.
  • Accept or reject a client order by utilizing user‐defined client alerts such as a client’s purchase power.
  • Monitor the status of an order on a real‐time basis while maintaining control and flexibility to make immediate modifications.


The back­end financial platform seamlessly integrates with this trading module, preserving an efficient workflow. If your company is comprised of a single branch or several branches, you are given a flexible framework to define and manage your chart of accounts and general ledger. The journal entries allow many posting options that permit you to record transactions from sub‐ledgers to the general ledger. From the general ledger you may quickly view, print or save customized financial statements. You may filter account access for specific accounts, increasing security and eliminating errors by preventing entries made in inappropriate accounts.


The FIX Gateway is an interface between the Back and Front Office from one side, and MCSD and EGX trading system from the other side. It facilitates electronic trading by allowing the traders to send their orders to the trading system directly from their Order management screens. The eg|ID FIX Gateway Features:

  • Run in High Availability providing zero downtime.
  • Interface with MCSD and EGX doing blocking, validation, order entry, amendment, and cancellation.
  • Instant update order status in back office.