• HID Biometric Double Authentication on three main exist France metal doors
  • NVR Monitor system with logging period 60 days on secured hardware storage
  • Secured control Room with Nform panel & video monitor system
  • High density & sensitivity fourteen cameras covering all inside DC
  • Outdoor DC cameras covering the building parameters & inside the building checked by security & IT daily
  • Inside doors buzzer for limited timing frame


  • Fire alarms with ninety-eight heat sensors above the for ceiling & under raised floor clearance area
  • Two stages pre-action sprinkler system (smoke & heat detectors on the for ceiling)
  • Access Panel, fire switch & magnetic breaker for doors in case of fire
  • Three stages of FM 200 connected gas cylinders for fire suppression in case of fire


  • Two source transformers 1.5 MW each (ATS allows automatic fail over and testing)
  • 1 MVA Generator with reservoir tank of fuel 5000 Liter
  • Two main UPS 300 KVA ( N+1 redundancy )
  • 200 Backup Batteries
  • Earthling network protection
  • PDUs with circuit breakers to each rack
  • Power continuity in case of emergency for 40 days


  • Fully redundant mechanical systems (chillers, water supply, pumps, valves, and piping)
  • 3 fully independent cooling precision systems with multiple layers of redundancy in each system
  • Under Raised floor cooling with ceiling based hot air return plenum
  • Air cooled chillers
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle design
  • Cooling capacity of 7 to 10 KW per rack, smart cooling for racks containment only


  • Secure network operations center (NOC)
    • UPS and generator based power
    • Multiple flat panel screens for monitoring
    • Direct door to computer room
  • Sophisticated monitoring of operations
    • MRTG monitoring tools
    • Duplicate/redundant monitoring systems
    • Bandwidth monitoring, network sniffing, trouble alerts, power status/control, etc.
    • Video monitoring of secure areas


  • Internet backbone connection with large bandwidth on variant connectivity methods:
    • Microwave
    • Copper
    • Pre-WiMax
    • Fiber Optic connections for unlimited growth
  • Configured speed connections
  • Network monitored for low latency and packet loss (< 1% packet loss)
  • Connectivity with 3 mainstream providers
  • We have our own named IP ranges provided by AFRINIC


  • Footprint: 1,000 m2 capable of collocating 208 Racks
  • Building: Glass Building. Steel frame & concrete slabs
  • Floor Loading: 1500Kg/m2
  • Fiber Routes: Redundant fiber connections to two separate Telecom Egypt Exchanges
  • SDH fiber ring network to insure Automatic Protection Switching of services
  • Cabling: Pre-Installed and tested Panduit structured wiring system
  • Floor: Raised Floor with Anti-Static Coating
  • Work Space: Customer Desk Space with Internet Connectivity